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We have endured so much in the past year. As things are slowly opening back up, kids and teens may be feeling uneasy and uncomfortable with this return to ‘normal’. Many kids still remain virtual with school and have been isolated from friends and organized activities. Their routines have changed and many have become comfortable with this. Kids may feel anxious going back to school or attending social gatherings where they are expected to interact with others. These skills have not been practiced for over a year. This can be even more challenging for kids who experience anxiety and especially…

Are you feeling worried, sad or disappointed with how the holidays may look this year? Here are ways to still find the joy and celebrate with your family even if you are physically apart.

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After the extensive trials we’ve all undoubtedly endured this year, it is understandable that many have been eagerly awaiting a holiday spent with loved ones, laughter, and tradition. And now, covid has jeopardized even these most simple of desires. Everywhere you look, coronavirus cases are surging and hospital stays are soaring. Public health officials are urging people to stay home for the holidays and discouraging gathering with anyone outside your immediate household.

Celebrations this season will look different. They will feel different. They will be different.

The holiday norm varies from person to person. Expectations range from excitement and joy…

Experiencing FOMO during Covid? Learn how to navigate these feelings while staying connected

Are you experiencing “FOMO”, or fear of missing out, when scrolling through social media and seeing an endless stream of photos of your friends having fun together while you are stuck home in quarantine?

Are you left wondering why other people seem to not be taking this virus seriously and why they are going about their lives as if we are not in the midst of a global pandemic?

Are you feeling frustrated or angry by the actions of others as the numbers of people infected surge…

Dana Reid, D.O.

Blogger|Speaker|Psychiatrist| Inspiring Healthy Minds. Instagram @drdanareid

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